3 Ways to Build Your Pet's Healthy Immune System

3 Ways to Build Your Pet's Healthy Immune System

Almost every part of your pet’s body plays a role in their immune system, making it a very complex but integral part of their overall wellbeing. Simply put, their immune system is their defense against illness, disease, injury, allergies, infections, and all other ailments. A pet’s weak immune system can manifest in issues with almost any part of their body including skin and coat, GI tract, respiratory tract, urinary tract, and eyes and ears. Therefore, nourishing your pet’s immune system is very important. Here are three easy ways you can help your pet build a healthy immune system:

Diet: Your pet’s diet is the foundation of a healthy immune system and overall healthy body. Some pet foods contain chemicals and other toxins that could potentially damage your pet’s immune system. By providing your pet with a healthy diet that is best suited for them, you can ensure their immune system is receiving the proper vitamins, minerals, and enzymes it needs to stay strong.

Exercise: Exercise not only helps your pet maintain energy levels, but it also helps them reduce stress and maintain weight, which are key factors to a healthy immune system. Overweight pets are more susceptible to certain diseases that require a strong immune system to combat. Stress can take a lot of physical toll on a pet’s body, therefore, weakening their immune system. Exercise is the easiest way for them release hormones that will help them relax due to environmental or emotional stress.

Supplements: There are a lot of great all-natural remedies designed to maintain and boost your pet’s immune system. They are not only great for everyday use in healthy pets, but also to supplement pets who already have immune diseases. Here are our top recommended immune support supplements:

Natural Wonder Primalix Immune Drops: This herbal extract contains Maitake, Reishi, and Shiitake mushrooms, which stimulate the very integral T-cells in a healthy immune system.

Earth Animal Immune Support Drops: This organic herbal blend helps balance the immune system by strengthening cells and organs to guard against common conditions due to stress or weakness in the body.

Herbsmith Support Immunity: Support Immunity enhances the immune response and the immune system by promoting homeostasis and supporting the normal detoxification process, making it a great supplement for stressful situations like boarding, where your pet may be exposed to illness, as well as pets who already have weakened immune systems.

Wholistic Pet Organics Colostrum Powder for Dogs or Cats: Commonly known as “Mother’s Milk,” colostrum is the first nourishment a baby animal receives from its mother’s milk, and is therefore loaded with all-essential antibodies that help protect pet’s from foreign dangers of the environment.

Wondercide Neem Bark Powder: Neem bark is a natural remedy with tons of antioxidants that are essential to a healthy immune system. In addition, neem bark is great for digestion and dental health.

Pet Wellbeing Mushroom Immune GOLD: This medicinal mushroom blend is ideal for pets who have a weakened immune system from cancer. It promotes quick recovery by supporting the body's innate immune mechanisms and reactions to stressors, including cellular stress from the toxins of chemotherapy.

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  • Vanessa Rances