Why do cats eat grass?

Why do cats eat grass?

Have you noticed your cat enjoys eating thin, grass-like things around your house?  Chances are, it’s time to give Mittens some of their own grass to graze on!

Cats tend to eat grass for many different reasons.  It could be that they enjoy the feel or taste of it, or even because they need more nutrients that eating grass offers.  Grass contains folic acid, which helps move along oxygen in blood streams.

We carry Pet Greens Medley, which is a DIY grow your own pet-safe grass kit.  This way, you know the grass your cat is eating isn’t treated by chemicals.  A super source of green nutrition and fiber for healthy digestion, you can feed this directly to your cat or add clippings to their food.  Nutrient-rich greens are a natural attractant to most pets.  One pound of cereal grass is equal in protein and overall nutritional value to 23 pounds of garden vegetables!  Pet Greens also contains no gluten.

Next time you catch your cat chewing on something they aren’t supposed to, it might be time to try out some Pet Greens Medley!



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