Are you catching your dog at the litter box?

Are you catching your dog at the litter box?

It can be really gross to catch your dog snacking on some undesirable presents left in our kitty’s litter box.  Dogs tend to have the very odd habit of eating poop; mama dogs do this to keep their nesting area clean, and puppies tend to copy this behavior from watching her as they grow up.  Dogs mostly grow out of this behavior, but some just can’t seem to help themselves even over time.  Poop eating can be caused due to anxiety and other emotional challenges, or even just nutritional deficiencies.  We carry Earth Animal's Stop Eating Stool as a supplement to help stop this habit.

This issue presents itself especially when you also own a cat; cats need litter boxes.  Dogs can pretty easily access your kitty’s bathroom, so what are some ways to help prevent fido from habitually committing this gross habit?

First, you can make sure you have a very rigid routine when it comes to cleaning your cat’s litter box.  Chances are, your dog might know Mittens’ routine by now, so this advice might be too late.  But, it’s still useful in terms of preventing this behavior.

Next, you can look at other types of litter box designs.  A litter box with a smaller entrance that your dog can’t fit through would be helpful in this case.  You could also turn the litter box, so that the entrance faces the wall.  This is another way to prevent your dog from fitting it’s head into it, but do keep in mind that some cats really don’t like having a cover over their litter box.

If all else fails, it might be time to invest in a 3-4 panel room divider.  Pick a corner where you want the litter box, and cover all open sides with the room divider.  Leave a tiny opening where your cat can get in, and stabilize the room divider with something heavy, like a table or a chair.  The neat thing about using a room divider is that it doesn’t look too out of place compared to something like a pet gate or a pet door.  You could decorate it with fancy lights; no one would know that it’s your cat’s bathroom!

We hope these tips will help you with Fido’s gross habits.  Good luck!

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