Are you cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly?

Are you cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly?

Keeping a routine of brushing your dog’s teeth is very beneficial to their health!  Dental disease in dogs is linked to systemic infections and painful abscesses if left untreated.  So, how can we stay on top of cleaning our dog’s teeth?

We carry and recommend different products to try with your dog!  Of course, friction is the most important part of keeping your dog’s teeth clean.  Friction from a ClearQuest Finger Toothbrush or a ClearQuest Dual-End Single Toothbrush can be enough to help fight plaque and dental disease.  As for a dog-safe toothpaste, Fresh Breath by Tropiclean Oral Care No-Brush Teeth Gel will do you and your dog just fine.  If you don’t plan on using this toothpaste, make sure to use a dog-safe toothpaste.  Human toothpaste has toxic chemicals to dogs.

We also carry Fresh Breath by Tropiclean Oral Care Water Additive, which aids in stopping smelly dog breath!  With ingredients like green tea, this flavorless additive will leave your dog’s breath smelling better for up to 12 hours!

And finally, for a simpler approach to dental hygiene, we recommend Fresh Breath by Tropiclean Dental Wipes for a quick and easy way to jumpstart. No brushing required!

If you are in our area, we also offer full grooming services with an optional teeth-brushing add on!

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