Are you giving your dogs this popular supplement?

Are you giving your dogs this popular supplement?

Fish oil is one of the top recommended additive for your dog’s meals. Are you adding this to your pup's dish?

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is an essential fat that is good for both your dog’s body and brain!  Much like us humans, dogs can’t produce their own omega-3’s, so they have to be able to eat this in their meals.

Fish oil helps your dog’s skin and coat to reduce itchy and flakey skin.  It can also relieve allergies and joint pain.

Looking to boost your dog’s nutrition with some omega-3 packed fish oil?  We carry and recommend NaturVet Salmon Oil for Skin & Coat for Dogs & Cats to get you started!  It's recommended to give them this supplement in their meals, dosing it depending on your dog's weight and food sensitivity.

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