Are you protecting your dog’s paws this winter?

Are you protecting your dog’s paws this winter?

Did you know the majority of ice melting salt is dangerous for your dog’s paws?  When your dog’s paws are exposed to the cold, their paws become irritated, dry and cracked.  The addition of walking over gravel and salt can exponentially worsen your dog’s paws and their health.

Before going out on a walk with your dog, consider stocking up on Paw Balm to help prevent dryness.  We also carry Pawz dog booties, which completely protect your dog’s paws from wet weather and cold!

We recommend washing your dog’s paws off with warm water after coming in contact with melting salt.  This is because dogs tend to lick their paws when they step on the salts, which can be dangerous if ingested.

Check out the rest of our selection of cold outdoor gear for your dog!

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