How to Treat Bug Bites and Poison Ivy on Dogs

How to Treat Bug Bites and Poison Ivy on Dogs

Going for walks in the woods can be a wonderful experience for you and your dog: The open air, so many good smells, as well as the great workout you will both enjoy. But do bugs and semi-poisonous plants like being as close to your dog just as much as you do? 

The most irksome thing about going for a serene walk in the forest is the small, almost hidden obstacles; like the mosquitos that take a mid-afternoon snack or poison ivy creeping over trail edges. Dogs are mostly protected from these woodsy hindrances, but every once and a while your dog may come home coated in bug bites or with traces of poison ivy or poison oak.

The signs of bug bites on your dog will consist of excessive itching in one spot, redness and possible heat (from inflammation) at the sight, and possible swelling. To help with the most annoying symptom of all-itching-grab some dog safe Aloe Vera or a soothing skin treatment, like the Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray or Oil. Apply either on to the problem area and allow it to be absorbed into the skin. If the bite has become swollen, place an ice pack on the affected area. Do not use over the counter itch creams unless directed by your vet, as they may not be safe for your dog. 

If your dog encounters poison ivy or poison oak while off-roading, it may not effect them, but it could rub off on you! It's a good idea to give your dog at least a quick rinse after coming home from the woods in case a bug hitched a ride or they got a little dirty, but it can also rub off any oils left over by the poisonous plants. If you don't want to give your dog a bath every single time you come home from an excursion, try out the Earth Rated Plant Based Unscented Dog Wipes or our very own Reusable Grooming Cloths DIY Mason Jar Kit. Either of these would be great for a quick wipe down after a long day out and about.

However, it is possible for a dog to be allergic to poison ivy or poison oak and the symptoms usually look like very red and swollen skin, itching and possible blisters. If you see these symptoms in your dog along with worse ones like vomiting or diarrhea, call your vet immediately. If your dog does not show severe symptoms, talk to your vet about getting over the counter Benadryl and rub in soothing Aloe or Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray or Oil.

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