Desensitize Your Pet to City Noise

Desensitize Your Pet to City Noise

Somerville is a bustling city and being the most densely populated town in New England has its perks for both dogs and humans. There are a lot of friendly locals to meet and plenty of activities to partake in around the tiny 4 square miles that makes up Somerville, MA. A contained city, however, can mean that all of the furry friends living in Somerville have a lot of noise to contend with. 

Anywhere that's densely populated means cars, people, construction, and more strange loud noises. It can cause a lot of anxiety for a pet that either isn’t used to so much noise or has never acclimated to city commotion. 

To help reduce your pet's anxiety, start by exposing them to city noise slowly. Try out the iCalm Canine Noise Phobia: City Sounds CD addition to help desensitize your dog to loud city noises! The CD contains a compilation of city noises that vary through the tracks to expose your dog to as city noise as possible. 

Start very quietly as its probably the scale of the sounds that bother your pet the most. No one likes sudden loud noises, so exposing your dog to the hustle and bustle of the city, but much more subdued, will help them understand the sounds are not a threat. 

To help get your pet acclimated even quicker, try coupling the CD with some kind of calming treats or drops. Giving something calming will help your pet enter a more subdued, calm state which they will start to associate with the city noises and begin to feel less anxious when hearing them on a day-to-day basis. 

Over time, as your pet becomes more accustomed to the lower volume, turn it up in intervals and repeat the process. As the volume increases, your pet may become anxious and scared again, but stick with the training and your pet should be able to handle city noises in no time!

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