Does Your Dog Enjoy This Superfood?

Does Your Dog Enjoy This Superfood?

Did you know that pumpkin is one of nature’s best superfoods for dogs? Not only is it a great way to decorate your home at Halloween, but it can also help your pet’s digestion health. Pumpkin is mix of soluble and insoluble fiber, which makes it can help bulk up a watery stool or soften it to make it easier to pass. Fiber also processes fatty acids which in turn are converted into energy. So not only will your pet have a healthy gut, they’ll be all-around more energetic.

Additionally, pumpkin is a great food additive. For one thing, it’s super tasty! Since it’s all-natural and good for your pet, adding it to their food is no problem. Pumpkin can be given every day, but it’s recommended to only give 1 tsp for every 10 lbs as giving too much fiber can cause the opposite of a constipated pet. It can also help if your pet has become a bit of a picky eater. Sometimes your furry friend can get tired of the same food every day. Adding a bit of pumpkin will spice up mealtime while helping internally. 

We recommend everyone have some pumpkin on hand in the event of the occasional loose stool. If you buy a can, you can even freeze it in ice cube trays for easy single servings, or buy convenient shelf-stable 1oz pouches, which we also sell.

Here at Petwell Supply, we have a few different pumpkin products to try out if adding pumpkin to your pet’s diet seems like something you want to try!

We carry Nature’s Logic Pumpkin Puree Food Supplement, a great product to add to your pet’s food. 

We also carry the Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Food Supplement with added ginger and turmeric. Similar to Nature’s Logic Pumpkin Puree, you can add a pouch of the Pumpkin Patch Up! to your pet’s food as a way to get more fiber in their diet. The addition of ginger and turmeric also helps calm an upset stomach and can help reduce any inflammation. 

Try out either and see the difference in your pup’s digestion health! Find our pumpkin products in-store or online!

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