Diligent Dental Products for Dazzling Doggy Teeth

Diligent Dental Products for Dazzling Doggy Teeth

Dogs, like humans, need their teeth brush to keep those pearly whites nice and clean. There are plenty of techniques to keep your dog’s teeth free of build-up ranging from super involved to having your dog clean their teeth!

1. Toothbrushes 
To start simple, we carry ClearQuest Toothbrushes, similar to human ones, for your dog’s teeth. They come dual-sided with different sized bristles on either end to make sure you get all crevices. Or try out the ClearQuest Finger Brush to get your puppy's teeth if normal brushing isn’t doing the trick.

2. Dental Wipes
If your dog's teeth just need a quick once over or they aren’t responding well to a toothbrush, try out the Tropiclean Dental Wipes for both Dogs and Cats. Easy to use and tear-resistant, they’re a great alternative to hard plastic toothbrushes and will just as easily remove tartar and plaque build-up.


3. Cleaning Agents
The Tropiclean Oral Care No-Brush Teeth Gel is peanut butter flavored and can be used without a toothbrush. Just put some cleaning gel onto your dog's gums and as they lick their teeth over time, they will spread it throughout their mouth. If you’d like, you can use a tooth or finger brush to scrub it around, but it’s not necessary and can be used on its own.

For something even less invasive, try the Tropiclean Oral Care Water Additive. As the title suggests, add a cap full of the additive into your dog's water bowl every time you switch it out and their breath will start to smell noticeably cleaner. Additionally, the additive itself is odorless and colorless, so your dog will never know it was there!


4. Self Clean 
Want your dog to clean their own teeth? Well, that’s exactly what the Bristly Brushing Stick is for! It’s flipped t-shaped design is made so your pet can hold the toothbrush in their paws. The Brushing Stick is lined with grooves and bumps to make sure to get all angles of the teeth. Just add some flavored toothpaste (or even the Tropiclean Gel) and let your dog brush away! Make sure to keep an eye on your pup however they may treat it as a toy and can chew it up. An easy way to make sure your Brushing Stick lasts longer is only to give it for a few minutes then take it away when you see most of the toothpaste or gel has been licked off.

With all of these products under your belt, your dog will have fresh smelling breath in no time! Check out all of our dental products online or in store.


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