DIY Pet Waste Composter

DIY Pet Waste Composter

Make your own eco-friendly pet waste composter with a few simple tools.

What You'll Need:

  • Plastic bucket
  • PVC socket and plug
  • Case cutter or sharp knife
  • Drill
  • Shovel


  1. Trace PVC socket onto bottom of bucket
  2. Cut out hole where traced
  3. Place PVC socket with plug in hole
  4. Drill small holes into sides of bucket
  5. Dig hole deep enough for bucket
  6. Place bucket in hole and cover with dirt (leave PVC socket sticking out)
  7. Place poop (use only compostable bags) in bucket with leavesĀ 

Not a DIY person? We carry the Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Composting System as well as compostable waste bags.

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  • Vanessa Rances