DIY Foxtail Braid Toy

DIY Foxtail Braid Toy

Does your pup need a fun new toy? Check out this DIY foxtail braid toy that you can make out of an old t-shirt.

What You'll Need:

  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Tennis ball


  1. Cut across an old t-shirt from armpit to armpit
  2. Cut the torso into two long rectangles 
  3. Cut across seam on both rectangles
  4. Cut the top half of the shirt into long, thin strips
  5. Drape the previously cut rectangles over the tennis ball (alternately)
  6. Pinch shirt pieces at the bottom of tennis ball and tie together with one of the strips
  7. Braid the rest of the loose fabric and secure end with another strip


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  • Vanessa Rances