Do you use natural products for grooming your dog?

Do you use natural products for grooming your dog?

Many people wonder if natural grooming products make a difference compared to other products that include chemicals.  The short answer is: yes!  

Unfortunately, lots of shampoos contain chemicals that cause your dog discomfort through irritation and itching due to the harsh chemicals that have scent and cause lather.  When you choose all-natural dog shampoos, you can avoid discomfort for your dog.  You want your dog to feel nice and clean after a bath, not irritated or itchy!

Another point is natural ingredients sometimes hold more usefulness than chemical counterparts!  Some natural essential oils can have many different uses, such as natural insect repellent or even anti-inflammatory properties!

Finally, many natural dog shampoos are eco-friendly, coming from sustainable sources.  In order for a shampoo to be considered natural, make sure to avoid these ingredients in your dog's shampoo:

  • dyes or colorants
  • parabens
  • added fragrances that aren't essential oils
  • Sodium laureth sulfate
  • Mineral oil
By using natural ingredient-based dog shampoos, you help not only your pet, but the earth!  

We carry and recommend Skouts Honor Probiotic Shampoo and Conditioner, an all-natural and eco-friendly option for your dog.  Check it out on our website, as well as other all-natural grooming products!

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