#WFH Doggy Boredom Busters

#WFH Doggy Boredom Busters

We’ve all been living some version of Groundhog Day these last 12 months, and our dogs are feeling it too! We’ve heard from so many of you that the best part about the last year has been all the extra time you have been able to spend with your pets, but also understand that they are feeling the monotony of everything, and with the added winter weather, it’s been even more of a challenge to keep them entertained. 

Have a dog that’s bouncing off the walls? Or need some space during important work calls? Try something new to keep your pet occupied and stimulated with a puzzle toy!

Here are our top recommended boredom busters available at Petwell Supply:

1. Lickimats:

They are awesome feeder bowls with textured surfaces that make it fun to eat any kind of wet food. With rubber backing, these bowls won’t budge so your dog can lick to its heart’s content. 

2. Slow Feeders: Paw5 and slow feeder bowls

Have a dog that likes to scarf down its food? Slow feeder bowls allow you to place a whole meal inside while keeping your pet on its toes. It helps your dog slow down while eating, but also makes meal time fun!

3. Nina Ottoson Puzzle toys

Want to stimulate your dog’s puzzle-solving skills? Nina Ottoson toys are designed to challenge your pup to find the hidden treasure within. With multiple levels rising in difficulty, these puzzle toys will really help to enrich your dog’s mind during any time of the day. 

4. Zippy Paws

These plushy toys have a little surprise in everyone! Super cute small squeaker toys live in every ZippyPaws burrow toy that’ll entice your furry friend into hours of fun as you can place the little toys back inside over and over again!

5. Kong

Kongs are great for heavy chewers and any dog that loves a good puzzle! Made of super durable material, it’ll keep your dog entertained and engaged as they try to figure out how to get the treats inside!

6. Heavy Chewer Bones

Have a restless dog really feeling cabin fever? Give them a heavy chewer bone. It’ll keep them occupied while they enjoy a super tasty treat. Anything from split antlers to femur bones will allow you and your dog to take a break from 

No longer will your pup have to re-live the same day with these boredom busters! Want to try them out? Come on by the store to test drive some of our puzzle toys. We hope to see you soon!

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