Are You Ready for Flea & Tick Season?

Are You Ready for Flea & Tick Season?

It’s here folks, the dreaded flea and tick season. The warmer weather means more outdoor adventures and a lot of opportunities to pick up these pesky little bugs. Your pup may need some protection when going outside, but a lot of flea and tick products on the market may have harmful ingredients that aren’t favorable for your dog. Some flea and tick preventatives include unsafe ingredients, like pesticides, that, while effective at killing off flea and ticks can cause nausea and even neurological problems.

We here at Petwell Supply want to make sure your dog is protected but also healthy this spring season. We have a wide range of products in the store to combat fleas and ticks starting at the source to when they, unfortunately, make their way onto your furry friend.

To help kill fleas and ticks where they start, try out the Wondercide Flea & Tick Control for Yard + Garden. Made safe for dogs, this is a great alternative to most of the shelf pesticides. It will also deter any other kind of bothersome bugs like mosquitos and roaches while keeping your furry friend safe in their backyard.

Or, try out another great product by Wondercide, the Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray. Super easy to use and chemical-free, It’s a great alternative to other flea and tick sprays. We have two different scents, cedar and rosemary, so it’ll not only keep your pet bug free while making them smell amazing! Try out our Flea Tea Herbal Dip if you want something that’s even more natural than a flea and tick spray. Draw up a warm bath for your dog and place the bags in the water just like brewing a cup of tea. Gently wash your dog with the tea water to help coat their fur with the tea’s anti-bug serum. It’s full of other great ingredients that will also help soothe your pet's skin from any sores it may have gotten from seasonal bug bites or irritations.

Want to try something that will help your dog repel fleas and ticks from the inside? There are a few different supplements you can give your dog to repel unwanted visitors. Test out Snook’s Natural Flea Supplement to make your dog’s blood intolerable to fleas and ticks while giving them essential nutrients all in one! Or how about something to add to their food? Try out  the Flower Essence Flee Free mixture made with only natural ingredients that work from the inside to repel irksome pests.

Fleas and ticks can be super irritating, and can also pass on diseases to our pets. With all of these products under your belt, you’ll be extensively ready for anything those pesky bugs can throw at you!

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