How to train your dog to be off-leash

How to train your dog to be off-leash

Some dog owners are able to achieve phenomenal recall with their dogs, saving them stress while keeping their dog safe. 

What is the best way to work on this very important command?

If you're doing any sort of recall or off-leash training, you'll want to invest in a long-lead.

The long-lead is a 15 to even 100 foot leash designed to keep your dog tethered to you, even while far away.  This essential training tool is useful for dogs of all ages, and is immensely helpful, especially for puppies!  Since puppies are more likely to follow their familiar family members, it's easier for them to understand the concept of staying close while having so much freedom (safe freedom, of course).

To begin training, you’ll need:

1) Low-calorie, high-value training treats (so you don’t fill your dog up). We carry varieties of Zuke’s Training Treats, Bocce’s Bakery Training Treats, and Cloud Star’s Tricky Trainers! Take a peek at all our training treats

2) A large, open space like a driveway, backyard, park, or field. Keep in mind, if you have a puppy, you'll want to be sure they are fully vaccinated before bringing them to a public area.

3) A great attitude! Dogs are super attuned to what we’re feeling; they evolved to recognize our faces and vocal tones!  Keeping a positive, yet firm attitude is paramount in any kind of training.

How to train:

1) Head over to your favorite large space that allows dogs.  Clip your dog into the long leash via their harness or collar, and you may begin!

2) Let your dog have complete control; they’ll probably sniff around or start moving away from you to explore the area.  This is good!  Curious dogs are happy dogs.

3) As the dog walks away from you, the long-lead will unwind until they reach the end of it.  It is important to let the lead lay loose on the ground and not be taught; that way your dog is aware that it is there, but not stopping his exploring.

4) Periodically, at varying distances, speak a command that your dog is familiar with, such as “Come!” or “Here!” At first you may want to reward a look in your direction, working up to your pup actually coming all the way to you. Early on in training any movement in the right direction should get praise and/or treats to help communicate what you want from your dog.

After your dog gets more reliable with recall on the long lead, you'll be able to move onto the next step at that point: off leash training!

We carry the Company of Animals 16 foot and 32 foot Recall Line to help get you and your furry friend started!  Don’t forget to pick up some delicious training treats to help convince fido to listen to you.

Good luck in your training!

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