Stress-Free Grooming at Petwell Supply

Stress-Free Grooming at Petwell Supply

A lot of dogs can become very stressed when at the grooming salon. Stress for dogs at the groomer's can be attributed to: negative past experiences at the grooming salon, generalized anxiety being in a different environment with loud tools, or, just anxiety being away from their owners. 

The grooming salon at Petwell Supply is designed to make sure your dog has a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience. Unlike corporate grooming salons, we provide express services, meaning your dog is the only dog in the back, and getting worked on start to finish. If your dog is nervous around other dogs, or works better alone, our grooming area is perfect as a majority of the time they will be the only dog in our back room. The one-on-one approach allows our groomer to be able to give your pup the attention they need while simultaneously making sure they have a wonderful grooming experience. 

As a policy, we will never push your dog past its limits, and respect your dog’s boundaries and comfort levels at all times. If your dog becomes upset with a certain grooming tool, like the blow dryer or certain nail trimmers, our groomer Rosie will stop immediately to adjust to your pup's comfort level.

When you arrive for your grooming appointment, you will have the undivided attention of our groomer to cover any specific behavioral or physical/health concerns you may have. Whether that be sensitive spots or if they’re nervous around certain equipment, like a nail grinder, we will take the time to have a conversation with you to make sure your dog has the best experience possible. 

If you would like to know more about our groomer's approach to nervous dogs, feel free to pop by in store to see if she’s around for a quick chat! She’s more than happy to walk through all of the options for your nervous pup to make sure they are as comfortable as possible during their appointment.

Book a grooming appointment online or call in store at 617-741-3104

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