Our Best Tools for Dirty Dogs

Our Best Tools for Dirty Dogs

It’s getting warm out, and we know what that means: spending more time out in the sunny weather with your favorite furry friend! With winter almost behind us, who doesn’t want to be outside all day? But being out and about more and more means more opportunities for your dog to jump into a fun-looking mud puddle or kick up some dust in their favorite parks. Outdoor fun equates to more baths and wipe downs to keep your pup nice and clean after having fun in the mud all day.

We love our dogs, whether they’re smelly or not. But a dirty dog doesn’t always mix well with nice furniture or a clean car. Here at Petwell Supply, we have some awesome on-the-go grooming products for when a stinky dog is less than ideal. Try out the Mud Dog Travel Shower, easily attached to the top of any water bottle, this cap acts as a mini shower head for more coverage when washing your pet. Use it to give your dog a quick rinse, whether that be to clean their paws or give a whole-body rinse. Then seal the deal with a good pat down with the super absorbent Messy Mutts Microfiber towel to dry your dog off real quick.

No longer are the days of using a cup to clean your pup in the shower! Grab a handy dandy Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool to have complete water flow control. It’s super simple to use, just slip it over one of your hands and place the open end on a hose, click once, and all of the sudden water starts flowing just like a showerhead. Click once more to stop, and you have an easy to use doggy shower. If you're bathing your pup at home, we highly recommend trying out some more awesome Messy Mutts shower products like the Silicone Grooming Glove and the Microfiber Grooming Mitt. Both fit easily on either hand and can be used in tandem, use one hand with the glove to clean with soap and water, and then the other with the mitt to dry.

Does your dog like to roll around in the smelliest stuff it can find? Or do you just want a superb smelling dog to snuggle with all day? Then our Skout’s Honor shampoo and conditioner is the right thing for you! Chock full of probiotics and mixed with avocado oil to keep your pup’s fur soft and shiny while smelling like Honeysuckle or Lavender. We also have unscented bath products to keep your pup smelling like themselves. Try out the Skout's Honor detangler as well if you have a dog with long or curly fur. It’ll help them from getting matted while also giving their coats a nice fresh scent.

No time for a bath? That's what deodorizing spray and waterless shampoo are for. Tropiclean Waterless shampoo works similar to human dry shampoo. Easy to use, just lather some of the foam onto your dogs coat and you'll have shiny fresh smelling dog. Grab some Skout's Honor deodorizing spray for in between bath times to keep your pup smelling clean. Coupled together you've got a bath on the go!

Messy mutts can cause a bit of a headache, but with some awesome grooming tools under your belt, any dirty dog can be cleaned!

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