What is a High-Value Dog Treat?

What is a High-Value Dog Treat?

You’ve heard it before, this mysterious term, “high-value treat”, but what does it mean when a treat has a higher value than normal? Like humans, the things we get to eat every day can become mundane and no longer as exciting. Regular treats and daily kibbles may not be as exciting to your dog anymore. So what’s something you can give your dog that’ll get them bouncing off the walls in anticipation, and ready to do any trick or command?

High-value can mean a few different things. To start, any treat that your dog doesn’t get often, or really at all, can be considered a high-value treat. Anything from a tasty bone to that once-a-year birthday cake made especially for them. A rare treat is an exciting one!

Along with the occasional special treats, any delight that is different in texture and smell from most treats or kibble can be considered high-value. Dogs tend to love super smelly treats, that's just a fact! However, anything that isn’t a ‘normal treat texture’ as in something moist like Bocce’s Bakery Treats or something like Freeze-Dried Minnows will be more intriguing than their regular bakery, crunchy treats. 

Most normal doggy treats come loaded with awesome tasty ingredients dogs love. However, any treat that is a single ingredient, like Freeze-Dried Chicken hearts or any of our dog jerky treats will be much more palatable. A dog’s regular diet in the wild is raw meat, so as much as they like formulated treats, a single ingredient food will be much more appetizing and exciting. 

We love to spoil our dogs and they know it, so giving them something tasty like a high-value treat will make them thrilled beyond belief. High value treats are also a pet parent's best friend when training difficult tricks, or desensitizing triggers. Need help finding a high value treat to help train your pup? Stop on by and we'll be happy to help you find something that works for you!

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