Hot Weather Tips for You and Your Pets

Hot Weather Tips for You and Your Pets

Warm weather! While that means we can enjoy more time with our pets outdoors, it also means we must take extra precautions while we’re spending time with them both outdoors and indoors! Just like us humans, pets can quickly suffer in the heat if they aren’t properly prepared, so here are some helpful tips for keeping them cool and comfortable on our hottest days:

While this one may seem obvious, it is even more vital to keep your pet’s water bowl filled with fresh, cold water during the hotter days! Always bring water on a walk or put out a bowl in your yard. And if you just came inside from a walk or playtime, or if you are planning on leaving your pet at home, drop a couple of ice cubes in the bowl to cool it down faster and for longer. 

Plan Your Time Spent Outside
We can easily lose track of how much time we are spending outside, so it never hurts to plan when and how long to be out. Since getting exercise outside is still important for our four-legged friends, keeping things to a maximum of 15-30 minutes, or even just a quick potty break every few hours will help ensure that your pet is still getting enough time outside and not too much time in the heat.

Know When and Where to Walk
Another way to better plan your time outside is by checking the weather forecast to find out when the coolest parts of day will be, or (if you’re an early riser!) just taking your pet out for longer before sunrise or after sunset.

In addition, stick to walking and playing in shady areas and grassy/unpaved areas, as pavement and asphalt can heat up your pet’s paws very quickly. One of the places that dogs and cats sweat from is their paws, so keeping them as cool as possible will prevent them from getting too hot too quickly!

Keep Your Pet Wet
Water is not just for drinking; keeping your pet wet will surely help them stay cool! There are plenty of cooling vests and collars on the market, but if you’re on a budget, you can simply soak a bandana or a t-shirt in cold water for your pet to wear, or even just have a cloth or water bottle that you can use to periodically wet down your pet’s coat.

Keep Your House Cool
Keep your AC running as often as possible while your pet is inside, especially if you aren’t going to be home for a while. If you don’t have an AC, fans are a must! With that, also keep blinds and shades closed to leave out as much light as possible, since that can very quickly heat up a room. Also, don’t be alarmed if your pet has taken to sleeping on the floor or hiding under some furniture, rather than their nice, comfy bed. These areas tend to stay cooler than anywhere else in the room!

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