3 Ways to Calm Your Dog Before Grooming

3 Ways to Calm Your Dog Before Grooming

Does your dog love to jump for joy? While that energy can be endearing in some situations, when it comes to grooming, a lot of energy can make it harder for the groomer to make your dog look their best!

Here are our top 3 recommendations to help get your dog in a calm state of mind before their grooming appointment:

1) Go for a Long Walk or Run:

Bringing your dog for a nice long walk can make a world of difference during a grooming appointment! Going to the groomers does require a lot of patience, and being tired after some exercise can help your dog sit through a long appointment. 

2) Visit a Dog Park

How about a doggy social before a nice relaxing bath? A super fun trip to the dog park will not only give your dog their social fix for the day, but will help relax them during their appointment.

3) Calming Treats: In addition to exercise, you can also use gentle calming aids to help your dog prepare for grooming. Check out the wide range of calming treats and drops we have in store.

Want to give calming treats or drops a go? Check out the HomeoPet Anxiety Relief or the Herbsmith July Third Calming Chews. Both are made with an all natural homeopathic recipe with ingredients you can pronounce.  

Or how about CBD? CBD is a great option for dogs who need something slightly stronger than regular calming treats. Check out our blog on CBD to learn how it can benefit your dog beyond it's calming effects. 

We carry CBD in both chew and drop form. Try out either the Austin & Kat Tinctures that come in multiple flavors and concentrations or the Chill+Out Calming Hemp Chews in 5mg. 

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