How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Fireworks

How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Fireworks

New Year’s Eve is around the corner, and we’re all excited to celebrate, but with every New Year’s celebration comes fireworks, and your pet may be less excited for that. If your pet hates fireworks and other loud noises, you may notice that they hide, shake, bark, pace and pant, drool excessively, and even try to escape to safety. If your pet expresses any of these symptoms, check out our top recommended remedies that will help your pet stay calm during fireworks and other loud noises/events!

Homeopet FireworksThis fast-acting homeopathic remedy promotes relaxation during any event where loud noises and events would otherwise put your pet in distress.

Ideal for: immediate calming before a triggering situation









iCalm Canine Noise Phobia: FireworksThis CD comes with a training booklet that will guide you in teaching your dog to associate positive feelings with fireworks, gradually reducing their fear when exposed to these sounds.

Ideal for: associative training outside of a triggering event




July Third - Herbsmith’s July Third is a great as-needed supplement for dogs. This blend of calming herbs will promote relaxation and emotional balance immediately after consumption.

Ideal for: immediate calming before or during a triggering situation








Melatonin - Unlike melatonin for humans, this specially designed melatonin for dogs will not cause drowsiness, and acts as a calming agent by helping your dog with normal cortisol production

Ideal for: routine maintenance or keeping stress levels low before a triggering situation.






CBD (only available in store): Kurapet’s CBD tincture is a fast-acting, long-lasting, and non-habit-forming remedy for your pet’s anxiety, regardless of the situation. While it is often administered regularly for routine maintenance of stress levels, it is also a great as-needed remedy for times when your pet is either expectedly or unexpectedly triggered.

Ideal for routine maintenance or use before or during a triggering situation for pets who have very high levels of anxiety.




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