Top Cabin Fever Busters for Dogs

Top Cabin Fever Busters for Dogs

Is your canine companion bouncing off the walls this winter? Cabin fever doesn’t stop with people, and your pooch might be feeling the itch to get outside, too. Winter can be a really tough time and it might seem like your dog has forgotten all of their training: suddenly racing around the house, chewing on inappropriate things instead of toys, tearing up furniture, or even starting to show signs of aggression towards guests in the home.

Staying stimulated indoors is crucial during these cold months. Luckily, Petwell Supply has a whole host of solutions to those winter blues! Making simple changes to your dog’s daily or weekly routine is a great and easy way to start addressing restlessness.

One trick is to switch up your dog’s food by adding pumpkin or bone broth (available frozen in-store only) to their normal kibble a few times a week. Another option is to occasionally substitute their ordinary food for something entirely different! We’ve got a wide range of dry food formulated with real meat first, available in smaller 4.5-5lb sizes for easy sampling! You can also try a wet food from our selection to really shake it up!


Another solution is to tire their brain using treat puzzles! Treats are a great way to motivate your pup to move their attention towards using their sense to problem-solve. Hiding the treats (or even a whole serving of dry food) in a maze ball, snuffle mat, or puzzle toy can keep your dog occupied for upwards of a few hours while they try to figure it out. Wondering which level is best for your furry friend? Stop by the shop and test out three of our most popular Nina Ottosson puzzles -- they’re always stocked full of treats from our treat bar!


If your dog is still tearing the house apart and can’t be distracted from the fact they can’t go outside, don’t hesitate to reach out to us about a free in-home dog walking consultation! Let our skilled dog walkers lend you a helping hand by taking your buddy out for an extra walk or two!

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