Does your dog still have energy after exercising?

Does your dog still have energy after exercising?

We all know physically tiring out your dog is important for their well-being and mental health.  We’d argue mentally tiring out your dog is just as important, especially for working breeds such as Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, and Malinois dogs!  Many dogs thrive on training and using their brains, so this may be a great place to start if you notice your dog is super riled up even after lots of physical exercise.

We recommend and carry food dispenser toys, like the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Rock Nuzzle Flop Treat Dog Toy.  You can fill this feeder with about 2 cups of your dog’s food, and they will spend some time nuzzling it around to get some food out of it.  This can use quite a lot of mental energy to figure out how the toy works, while also using natural foraging instincts to eat.  Another idea is to try a selection of Nina Ottosson's puzzle toys to get your dog invested in some nose work, which is a great way for them to wind down.

You can also try incorporating daily 15-20 minute training sessions in your day, most optimal after physical exercise.  Because treats can fill up your dog, we recommend low calorie options like Zuke’s Training Treats or Bocce’s Bakery Training Treats!

After, or even during a walk, try to engage your dog’s mind!  They will be a lot happier and much more relaxed day to day, and leave you feeling fulfilled in giving your dog what they want and need.

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