Is your cat shedding too much?

Is your cat shedding too much?

Spring and fall are prime months for cats to shed, and spring is right around the corner!

Shedding can not only bother you but it can also bother your cat! With stray fur around cats can easily inhale it, causing hairballs. Hairballs can cause cats lots of discomfort, especially if they can't throw it up. We carry hairball aid like Pet Wellbeing's Hairball Gold and Pet Green's Self Grow Pet Grass Kit, these will help your cat get rid of their hairball so they aren't in anymore discomfort. After they rid themselves of their furball, your cat will feel better but you will still need to clean it up. Skout's Honor's Urine and Odor Destroyer for Cats is great for getting rid of the smell.

Now onto the prevention! Cats will always shed during spring and fall, but there are ways to reduce how much they shed. Brushing our your cat is a great way to help reduce shedding and get rid of excess fur. JW Pet Company's brushes are a great way to start, they even have a specialized shedding brush for cats.

Another way to help reduce shedding is your cat's diet! If a cat has a healthy coat then they won't shed as much, and the best way to a healthy coat is a good diet! Cat's coats benefit the most from foods with high protein and fish-based foods. We carry Fromm, Open Farm, and Orijen dry cat food, and Wellness, Fromm and Open farm wet cat food.

Lastly, even if your cat is shedding a lot and making your house and clothes a mess, they still love you and need love back! Keeping your cat happy and healthy will only help both of you in the long run!

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