Is your dog a picky eater?

Is your dog a picky eater?

Is your dog a picky eater, and you’ve tried numerous different foods to no avail?  If you haven’t tried meal toppers, now might be the right time!

Pumpkin is a great meal topper option for your dog.  This nutritious puree can be used every day, and also is great for your dog’s digestive system!  Mix this with your dog’s food for a healthy way to garner interest in their everyday meals.  We recommend and carry Nature's Logic Pumpkin Purée Dog & Cat Food Supplement and Weruva Patch Up! Supplements for Dogs & Cats.

Another way to spice up your dog’s meal is by adding Open Farm’s Bone Broth!  With flavors like chicken, beef, and turkey, this nutritious addition is specially formulated for dogs.  You can warm up this broth in a separate bowl, and add this to your dog’s kibble.  Dog’s can't resist the flavor!

Finally, we recommend and carry Stella & Chewy Marie's Magical Dinner Dust for Dogs.  This meal topper is available in beef and chicken flavor!  Made with 95% chicken, organs, and bone, this topper is perfect for picky eaters.  Simply sprinkle this on top of your dog’s kibble to enjoy the benefits of an empty food bowl; a full stomach!

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