Is your dog prepared for cold weather?

Is your dog prepared for cold weather?

With cold weather approaching, we want to make sure our dogs are as comfortable as possible during walks!  In order to do this, we must prepare ourselves and our dogs for frigid adventures.  

Our first tip is to dry your dog’s paws after walks in rain or snow to remove excess moisture and chemicals from melting salt.  Pay special attention to between the paw pads, checking for ice or snow stuck there.  Putting special paw balms like Rad Pad or Skout’s Honor Prebiotic Pet Balm on your dog’s paws before and after walks in any type of cold weather will serve to help protect your dog’s paws from cracking or irritation!  You’ll know if your dog is in pain from the cold when they begin limping on walks. You could also suit your dog up with Pawz Booties as a paw protecting measure, but make sure to help your dog get used to the new sensation of wearing boots! 

One other tip we have is to actually bathe your dog less often in the winter months.  Your dog’s natural skin oils are a great protectant against dryness during cold weather, and bathing them often can strip them of these natural oils in their coats.  Shaving your dog down during colder months is also not helpful in keeping your dog warm, so make sure you upkeep their brushing regimen until it begins to warm up again!

If your dog has shorter hair already, it might be time to swag your dog out with a winter coat of their own.  We carry Kurgo Loft Jackets to help keep your dog warm!  Machine washable, these jackets are ready for any type of exercise.

We hope you and your pups enjoy the upcoming cold weather and have a happy and healthy winter!

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