Is your dog refusing to take their medication?

Is your dog refusing to take their medication?

Your dog seems to know what time it is when you grab their pill bottle.  It becomes a battle of wills, when in reality, it can be much easier than you may think!

As always, you need to ask your vet before trying any of these methods.  Some medications do not work properly unless taken exactly as prescribed and directed.

Our first tip is to ask your vet if your dog’s medication can be crushed into a fine powder.  Once you get the OK from your vet, you can find a pill crusher and add the powder to their food, or peanut butter.

Our next tip is a simpler version of the first; hide the pill in your dog’s food!  If they are incredibly motivated by their dinner, chances are that they won’t even notice the difference. Another addition to the food method, you can mix the pill into some bone broth. Its got a couple flavors and doggies love it!

If you need a quick and easy invention for getting your dog to take their medication, try a PillBuddy!  Available in different flavors and packaged to preserve moisture, these are a simple way to get your dog excited for medication-time!

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