Could your dog's hair help other animals?

Could your dog's hair help other animals?
With fall around the corner, so are tufts of your dog's fur!  Dogs shed at this time of year to make way for their thicker winter coats.  So what are some fun things you can do with all this extra fur?

Some birds actually do nest during this season, so they will be looking around for nest building materials to keep their eggs warm.  Luckily, dog hair is one of the most insulating things to add to nests! 

What you can do to help the neighborhood birds is purchase some kind of holder for your dog’s hair (we recommend something like a finch feeder) and stick your dog’s hair in the holder!  Birds will naturally gravitate towards hair-like material, and putting it in something that looks like a bird feeder will make it clear to them that this is for their nesting.

Chances are, over the weeks you might be able to see nests that look like the color of your dog’s fur!

This small project can also be done during the spring season, and is a great way to help out your local birds (as well as see beautiful colored nests.)

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