An Interview With Petwell Supply's New Groomer Rosie!

An Interview With Petwell Supply's New Groomer Rosie!

What made you want to start grooming?

A. I have worked with dogs for almost 5 years, starting with doggy day care then moving onto dog walking. I discovered a dog grooming school called The Whole Pet Grooming Academy up in Portsmouth, NH and decided that grooming was my next step in life. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and I couldn’t be happier!

Do you have any pets of your own?

A. I have a rescue dog and cat, and around 20 reptiles! I have mostly boa constrictors, some pythons and geckos.

How are you liking Petwell Supply so far?

A. I'm absolutely loving it! Emily has been very supportive and is a great leader. Madi is always super helpful and really fun to talk to. All our clients have been wonderful and so have the pups!

What’s your favorite part of grooming?

A. My favorite part of grooming is bringing out a finished pup to their parent. It brings me such joy to see how happy the parent and dog are to see each other.

What’s your favorite kind of dog to groom?

A. My number one dog to groom are Standard Poodles. They have such beautiful coats that are really satisfying to groom. Poodles have so much variety in styles of haircuts too. Every Poodle owner that I’ve worked with has a unique cut they want! I’ve done mohawks, Portuguese Water Dog styles, huge topknots and more. Another plus is Standards love to be groomed, every one I’ve done have been perfect for the grooming process.

What would you say to someone who is considering grooming for the first time?

A. I would definitely recommend bring in your puppy for a First Puppy Groom ASAP once they get comfortable with you and your home. Think of it like training your puppy; you want them to learn at a young age to be comfortable with grooming and to understand that it’s not a scary experience.

How do you work with nervous or fearful dogs?

A. I go slow and speak to them in a loving voice to try to calm them down. If they get really scared I stop what I’m doing and give them a break. My goal is to make every dog as comfortable as possible.

What's better about bringing a dog to Petwell Supply vs a more corporate store?

A. At Petwell we don’t use kennels and every dog is done start to finish. This means that every dog gets started right away and goes through the whole grooming process without putting them in a kennel. I have worked in corporate before and have noticed a huge difference in dog temperament between both places. At corporate, the dogs are much more stressed because they’re kept there for 3-4 hours, and are in the kennel most of the time. At Petwell, the dogs are much more calm since they’re never put in a kennel and they are all finished within a short amount of time.

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