We're moving... to an online only store!

We're moving... to an online only store!

Our beloved physical store is closing on April 16th. To get ready for our closure we're hoping to be selling most of our inventory, and offering 20% off everything in our store! Come shop your favorites in person, or shop online and receive an automatic discount when checking out, no code necessary.

If you're not able to get to the store before April 16th to snag your favorite supplies, we will continue to have products available on Petwellsupply.com post-closure. We will continue to update our online shop with fun products for you and your pets, and all items will be shipped right to your door! 

Our groomer, Rosie, will also continue with Petwell Supply, at a table we have rented for her at Dogwood Cottage in Melrose. You can continue to book the same services through our website when we close. Our phone will be disconnected, but we're always happy to help you book an appointment via email. Just send us a quick note to info@petwellsupply.com

Don't forget, we also have our wonderful community bins full of donations from our customers, and don't want them to go to waste! So drop by and check out our stock, and grab gently used supplies for your dogs and cats.

We will miss all of you, and sad that we won't see you and your pets anymore after April 16th! We hope you will stop by to say hello and goodbye before we close!

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