Do You Have These Everyday Dog Grooming Tools?

Do You Have These Everyday Dog Grooming Tools?

Have you ever pulled out your favorite comfy sweater, only to find it's completely changed colors due to the amount of dog hair on it? We love our fluffy friends, but sometimes the fluff is just too much! Here at Petwell Supply, we have a wide range of grooming products to help combat the fur-mageddon coming this spring season.  

1. Basic Grooming Brushes

There are a couple of different types of brushes for general grooming, whether that be a daily brush or unknotting pesky matts. Try out either a slicker brush or comb as both are good for everyday brushing and can work for almost any coat type. The JW Pet Self-cleaning Slicker Brush comes with an ergonomically shaped handle and an easy to use button on the back that pushes all of the hair into a neat clump. This brush is good for overall grooming and helps keep down the mountains of loose dog hair around your home. On the other end, a comb is great for medium to long hair and works pretty similar to a human comb, and will help prevent mats. Brush through your dog’s coat in all the places they lean on the most like the back of the legs and around their hips. It’ll help keep your pup’s coat nice and silky smooth!  

2. Undercoat Brushes

Do you have a dog made for the cold? Or how about one that looks like a giant puffy pillow? If you do, these dogs most likely shed a lot and you can probably brush off so much fur that you can make a whole other dog! We have a few tools here to pull out that thick undercoat, so your house is saved from a furry wonderland. A handy dandy undercoat rake can do the trick. Made to pull out any loose undercoat and even work through light matts at the same time, this brush is great to use once your dog starts to shed its seasonal undercoat. Are regular brushes not doing the trick? Try out the Furminator, made specifically for brushing out the undercoat while gently brushing through the topcoat. With regular use, 90% of your dog’s undercoat can end up in the trash and not all over your furniture!

3. Nail Trimming

We have all the nail tools you’ll ever need here at Petwell Supply! Start with the JW Grip Soft trimmers with a built-in nail guard that’ll keep you from cutting the nail too short. Or, if the prospect of cutting the quick is too scary try out the JW Nail Grinder. The grinder comes equipped with a LED light to make it easier to see and collects all the nail trimmings so it’s easy to use and has easy cleanup. But, if an accident does happen, grab some styptic powder to help stop the bleeding. This power is made to help clot blood faster so if any bleeding does occur, it will help the flow of blood stop faster. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, having some great grooming tools by your side can make all the difference for your pup. 

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