Do you use these top-rated dog training tools?

Do you use these top-rated dog training tools?

When you are looking for supplies to help train your dog, sometimes it can be helpful to know where to start.  Here are some of our recommendations to get you on your way with training your dog! 

Clickers are a great place to start with dogs of any age.  We carry the Company of Animals Multi-Clicker Training Tool, which is easy to hold and attaches conveniently to your wrist!  As a great way to have a marker sound for good behavior, it saves you the trouble of having to remember a consistent marker word for your dog.   It’s also easily recognizable to your furry friend, making training a breeze!

When training your dog, it's important to have a low-calorie, high-value treat option so you don’t have to worry about the amount of food your dog is eating during training.  While we’re sure they don’t mind the extra snacks, its important to remember our dog’s health when training them.  That’s why we recommend the low-calorie option of Zuke’s Training Treats, or Bocce's Bakery Training Treats!  With 3-4 calories per treat, you and fido will have no problem spending the afternoon training together.

And finally, training your dog requires effortlessly carrying these treats around with you.  We recommend the Kurgo Go Stuff It Treat Bag!  This treat pouch easily attaches to your belt, and with a 4.5 inch wide opening, grabbing treats for immediate praise is super easy.  The drawstrings at the top allow you to close the bag for future use, keeping the treats fresh for the next training session!

With these items, you'll be well prepared for a fun dog training session.

Good luck!

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