New Grooming Location!

New Grooming Location!

Our grooming location will be moving to Dogwood Cottage in Melrose, and Rosie will still be working with one dog at a time and be kennel-free. She will be continuing her stress-free grooming, just with a different setup! 

In our new location, there is a playroom for dogs to wait for pickup. So your dog will be comfortable and happy while your on the way to pick them up.

Rosie will still be consulting with patients about their pet's groom before they get groomed, and she will be using the same shampoos and conditioners, including hypoallergenic options.

After April 16th, all grooming services will continue to be performed by Rosie (and facilitated by our Petwell Supply team) at Dogwood Cottage in Melrose. We will be up and running the week of April 25th in Melrose, and you can continue to book your appointments on our website. Our current retail assistant, Stella, will be staying on board remotely to assist with managing our grooming schedule and paperwork, and all bookings can continue to be made on our website, as usual, or via email (, as we will no longer have a direct phone line associated with the business after April 16th.

Please note: Dogwood Cottage does not have direct access to Rosie's schedule and will not be able to assist you with scheduling. The only way to schedule an appointment with Rosie after we close is through our website or via email (

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