The Culinary Guide for Picky Dogs

The Culinary Guide for Picky Dogs

Is your dog no longer eggcited for meal time?

Most dogs will eat everything, and we mean everything. But sometimes, a dog can stop eating their food, it can be because they’re not feeling too well, they’re eating too much, or they could be bored with their food. 

1. Changing the routine

Switching out your dog’s food can be a good first step. Sometimes a new flavor can do the trick. Try out a new protein, like duck or fish to change the taste profile of the food. Test out our high palatable food from Open Farm and Orijen. Both made with super high quality ingredients this different food might be the fresh kind of taste your dog is looking for. 

2. Puzzle Toys and Slow Feeders

Using a puzzle toy, or a slow feeder could also help keep your pup interested in mealtime. Having a toy they have to figure out can be exciting, and make eating fun again. It will also help slow your dog down, so if they have an upset tummy from eating too fast, a slow feeder can help. Try out a feeding calculator to see how much your dog can eat per day based on its weight. It may help to understand whether or not your dog is eating too much. Lowering their calorie intake could help them be more active as with any animals, eating too much can make them feel sluggish and uninterested.  

3. Going back to basics

Sometimes, to keep our pup happy, we give them awesome tasty food. However, this may be keeping your furry friend from feeling 100% all the time as supplementing a doggy diet with non-dog food can upset their stomachs. Try staying away from giving too many high-value treats or human food when your dog isn’t eating. Giving your dog even tastier treats than their regular food while they’re not eating can cause a negative loop, as your dog will now expect high-quality meals and will most likely not even want to eat its food even more. However, there are other ways of making sure your pup continues to eat its food. 

4. Meal Toppers

Supercharge their food with a meal topper! We have many different kinds here at Petwell Supply. They range in flavor and consistency so there are lots to experiment with to see what type your pet would like most. Try out a Happy Howie meat pate or any kind of wet food. Adding them to a regular bowl of kibble can make it seem much more appetizing. Or how about some bone broth? A soupier consistency could be what your dog has been looking for. Bursting with flavor, an Open Farm bone broth could help soften up the kibble for your dog to make it easier to eat and more palatable at the same time. What about adding some spice? Stella & Chewy’s dinner dust adds just the right among of flavor to your dog’s food to make it more appealing without changing the constituency much at all. 

Whether it be an upset tummy or just being plain picky, treat your pup to something tasty from Petwell Supply. We hope to see you soon!

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