Product Review – Flower Essences: They Really Work!

Product Review – Flower Essences: They Really Work!

In mid-August, my girlfriend, Julia, and I were getting ready to move with our 4-year-old cat, Princess Buttercup. During the commotion of moving things, packing boxes, breaking down furniture, and with the constant influx of people in and out of the apartment, it was very evident that Princess was getting stressed. While people always have speculated that most cats hate change, we didn’t think that Princess would be greatly affected by the move, as she is normally a very relaxed and stress-free cat. She’s not your typical indoor lap cat, but often has very cuddly moods, loves to be picked up, and even loves car rides and going for walks. Occasionally, she has the crazies; you know the kind: when your cat does zoomies around the house, jumps on the kitchen counter, and scratches any piece of fabric they can find. But because we had to spend so many hours packing throughout the day, Princess’ activity level was more elevated than normal: she ran and hid underneath and behind furniture, started scratching things around the house more often than usual, couldn’t stay asleep during her naps, and had a difficult time winding down to go to sleep with us for the night. She was even triggered by the noise that the packing tape would make, and would run around the house every time she heard it.

Thankfully, working at Petwell Supply has introduced me to a variety of remedies that I have never even heard of for many pet ailments that I had never even considered. One of those remedies is flower essences. If you aren’t familiar with flower essences, here is a quick overview:

“Flower essences are specially prepared extracts of the flowering parts of certain plants. They work through energy fields to heal stress and disease from the inside. (Unlike traditional medicine,) flower essences heal underlying negative emotional states by ‘flooding’ the patient with the opposite, positive quality…Of course, there may also be underlying physical causes for these diseases, but acute flare-ups are very often due to emotional stress. Essences restore the animal’s energy balance and can often help with these physical problems.”

Petwell Supply carries many varieties of flower essences for different behavioral and physical ailments. I used Green Hope Farm’s “New Beginnings” essence. As described by Green Hope Farm, New Beginnings is designed to “help everyone to adjust to new roles, new circumstances and new pack dynamics,” which is exactly what Princess needed.

To be honest, I was very skeptical to try a flower essence, because it just sounded like something that wouldn’t work, but to my surprise, we saw a very dramatic change in Princess’ behavior just a few days after we started giving it to her. She was back to her normal behavior while we were packing and even slept soundly through a lot of the commotion.

And to ensure that she would adjust well to her new surroundings, we continued giving her the flower essence through the first week or so at our new place, and saw a very positive reaction; she made herself right at home and had no issue with eating, using the litter box, or sticking to her normal routine.

I would highly recommend flower essences to any pet parent who has never used or is skeptical about all-natural remedies for their pet’s ailments, as there is no risk in using them. According to, “since essences act energetically, not physically, they are completely safe and non-toxic. They cannot be overused or misused, and they are compatible with all other treatments, including drugs, surgery, and holistic treatments like herbs and homeopathy. Even if you give the wrong remedy, it will not have any negative effects, but simply no effect.” And using a flower essence is simple: once a day put two to three drops in your pet’s water or food (this works especially well with wet food).

Visit Petwell Supply to check out our selection of flower essences, all of which are sourced from Green Hope Farm. Visit Green Hope Farm at for more information on flower essences!



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