Product Review: PrettyLitter – A Low-Maintenance, Diagnostic Litter!

Product Review: PrettyLitter – A Low-Maintenance, Diagnostic Litter!

I have been using PrettyLitter for my 4-year-old cat, Princess Buttercup, for about two months now, and it has been a fantastic alternative to traditional cat litter. If you haven’t already heard of it, PrettyLitter is a diagnostic, crystal cat litter.

The main attraction of PrettyLitter is that it can help you detect early signs of illness by its color-changing properties. When your cat urinates, the litter will change color based off the pH balance in their urine, letting you know if it contains any blood, acid, or alkaline. This is the part of PrettyLitter that will help you stay proactive about your cat’s health, because seldom do they show symptoms of bladder or kidney related illnesses.

The other great parts of PrettyLitter will help you keep your house cleaner, produce less waste, and save money. PrettyLitter is made with silica gel, which absorbs your cat’s urine, whereas traditional litters clump. After Princess uses the litter box, she digs to hide her waste, then proceeds to wipe all the litter from her paws. If your cat is anything like Princess, you have had to spend a lot of time sweeping or vacuuming litter from the floor. But since I’ve started using PrettyLitter, the amount of litter that I have had to clean up has significantly decreased, simply because it doesn’t clump and make a mess on Princess’ paws. And since PrettyLitter doesn’t clump, all you need to do is scoop the poop, and mix the rest, which means less waste altogether.

In addition, one four-pound bag of PrettyLitter is designed to last an entire month. My main concern with this was that the litter box would start to smell over time. To my surprise, it barely smells at all; you just need to consistently mix it to keep it stink-free! And with that, one bag of PrettyLitter only costs about $21, so when compared to the average monthly price of $22.42 for traditional litters (or more for a multi-cat household), that’s another great benefit of using PrettyLitter.

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  • Vanessa Rances