Ruffwear Crux Clip Voluntary Recall

Ruffwear Crux Clip Voluntary Recall

Recently, Ruffwear issued a notice of a voluntary recall for the crux clip attachment on multiple Ruffwear products. The crux clip can become unattached during use and allow your dog to be off leash with no warning. 

If you purchased one of the following products below from us or any other Ruffwear retailer, visit their website for instructions and more information about compensation for your defective Ruffwear product. 

List of recalled products containing the Crux Clip:

  • Front Range leash 
  • Ridgeline leash
  • Double Track Coupler
  • Quick Draw leash
  • Switchback leash
  • Omnijore system
  • Omnijore towline
  • Trail Runner system


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