Ruffwear Is Here!!

Ruffwear Is Here!!

We are so excited to announce that we are now selling Ruffwear products at our store! 

If you are new to the brand, it is one of the most popular, durable, and outdoor-friendly dog brands available. We sell a variety of their products, including harnesses, leashes, toys, packs, and even doggie lifejackets

Ruffwear is made for dogs and their humans who love to go outside and explore nature.  All of their toys are inspired by the natural world (see if you can find the one that looks like a pinecone!) and are made of natural petroleum-free rubber. They are durable enough to be thrown around in any situation and are perfect to get muddy outside or chewed on indoors. Even non outdoors-y types can appreciate their popular harnesses with their durability, adjustability, and variety of sizes that can fit the smallest to the largest breeds.  

 Ruffwear uses the same technical cloth and materials found in human clothing for their high-tech fabric offerings. Ruffwear is also dedicated to sustainability and use a business model that reduces waste in the supply chain. Their team is made up of dog-lovers with a passion for the outdoors who are dedicated to making comfortable and practical products. 

Overall, we are so excited to be selling Ruffwear products in the store and hope it serves the adventurous members of our community! 

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