Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

Did you know that cats’ brains have almost twice as many neurons as dogs?! With that many more brain cells, cats are at a biological advantage over dogs in the smarts department. In direct comparison to the way dogs interact with humans, cats can seem uninterested in people and unphased by the routine, or lack thereof, in their lives and so cats have developed the stereotype of being unintelligent. Cats are often perceived as lazy little blobs, but any cat person will tell you they have an almost eerie understanding of the world around them. With a deep understanding of simple mechanics and puzzle-working, no wonder they’re so mischievous! 

Cats use their smarts for more than just trouble-making. Cats are deeply intuitive creatures who can pick up on human emotions surprisingly well! A 2012 study published in the Journal of Animal Cognition concluded that because cats evolved in less complex social constructions than dogs and humans (think pack dynamics vs. individuals in the wild), their bonding behaviors might seem foreign but it doesn’t mean they’re not bonding.

In the study, cats tended to respond to “positive” indicators such as human smiling with “positive” behaviors like rubbing and purring. On the flip side, these researchers found that when cats encountered their owners displaying “negative” human signals like crying or frowning, they gravitated towards quiet comforting behaviors like sitting on their owners and snuggling up. It’s easy to see why cats are one of the most popular species for emotional support companions!

You can also utilize that impressive feline brain and start teaching your cat some tricks! There’s even a cat who’s a pro skateboarder! Didga the Australian cat is a worldwide viral sensation for her skateboarding skills and holds the Guinness World Record for “Most tricks by a cat in one minute.” Here at Petwell we have all of the supplies to start training your cat: clickerstoys, and delicious treats to reward your little buddy!



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  • Dayne Samuels