Upgrade Your Dog's Summer Style

Upgrade Your Dog's Summer Style

Does your dog want to look super snazzy this summer? There are plenty of ways to refresh your pup's style for each season. 

Want to start with something simple? Bring your dog in for a fresh groom! The summer heat means a well deserved bath and haircut can make your dog look so snazzy and cool, they'll be the bark of the town!

Or, how about a super cute accessory? Check out our line of The Worthy Dog bandanas! They come in two different sizes so all kinds of dogs can join in on the bandana craze! 

Small: 16" x 16"
Large: 24" x 24"

We have tons of different colors and patterns including patterns like plaid or argyle. We have bandanas with whales on them or how about adorable little sail boats?

We also have matching bowties! Pair your favorite bandana with it's counterpart to be the talk of the town!

Check out our wide range of bandanas here or in store!

Or how about something really out of the (community) box? Make your dog look funky fresh with super cute outfits from our donation boxes! There can be tons of jackets, little costumes, and all around out of this world dog apparel!

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