Is your cat taking over your desk?

Is your cat taking over your desk?

We all know boxes are the perfect cat-trap for Mittens, but how do we utilize this odd, yet adorable behavior from our feline friends?

Cats have a strange sense of when their owners need to finish something in a hurry, or focus on a project on their computers for a few hours.  A common occurrence includes standing directly in front of your computer monitor, or even walking on your keyboard when you get up to use the restroom!  Cat owners don’t want to keep their cats out of their office while working, so how do we give them a place to hang out so we can focus on our tasks?

That’s where a simple box comes in!

Find the perfect box that can fit on your desk, (and fit Mittens) and put your cat’s favorite blanket on the bottom.  Sprinkle some catnip on the blanket, and show your cat the box!

Hopefully your cat will choose to lay in the box, rather than on your keyboard.  You can also encourage your cat to lay there by giving him treats (such as Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze Dried Minnows) only when he’s in the box.

Good luck!

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