The Perfect Hiking Tool Set

The Perfect Hiking Tool Set

Are you thinking about being more active with your dog? Here at Petwell Supply, we have some great hiking and outdoor products to take with you while you explore serene paths or take more adventurous routes. 

To start, grab some hiking gear, like the Ruffwear Singletrack pack, a harness made specifically for outdoor activity. Larger in size than most harnesses, it comes with a handle on top so if your dog can’t make it up a steep slope or needs a little help on a jump, the handle allows you to support them. The Singletrack pack also has zippered pockets on either side and comes with two collapsible water bottles. Or, try a K9 Sport Sack Backpack, like its name suggests, it’s a bag you can palace your dog in. Good for activities like bike riding or more difficult hikes, this backpack comes in multiple sizes so most any dog can take a ride.

We also have plenty of outdoor accessories. The collapsible Messy Mutts water bottles are super convenient for on-the-go adventures as they make for easy storage. Additionally, we carry a human and dog water bottle combo for on the go. All you do is fold out the silicone spout on the Messy Mutts Travel Waterbottle and Bowl, and your dog can drink to its heart’s content. Or, for an even easier-to-carry bowl, try the Ruffwear Trail Runner Ultralight Bowl. Able to fit into most pants pockets, this super portable bowl can fold into itself and become only 3in x 2in big. The Company of Animals Recall Line would also be a great addition to any hiking kit. Longer lines can also be great if you’re in an area that requires leashes, the added length means your pup can explore much more than they would on a 6-foot leash.
Do you like hiking later in the day, or just love to be outside so much the sun starts to go down? Grab some handy glow in the dark products to make you can keep track of your dog as the light of the day starts to fade. The NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace or the Ruffwear Beacon Waterproof light are super easy to put on in addition to your dog’s collar. Both light up and will make it immensely easier to see your dog later in the day or in the middle of the night. 

Finally, when you both get home from a long day out in the wilderness, a quick spritz of the Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray will help protect your dog for future hikes and kill any pesky bugs that may have caught on earlier in the day. 

With all of these products under your belt, you’ll be prepared for the best day out with your furry friend. Check them out online, or come on in-store to see for yourself!

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