The Pros of Dog Puzzles!

The Pros of Dog Puzzles!

Dog Puzzles can help dogs with many things!

A big pro of dog puzzles is their ability to curb a dog's boredom. And for dogs that get up to a lot of mischief, this is a great way to lessen that behavior in a helpful way.

Puzzles help your dog work their brain and get some exercise along the way! These puzzles will take awhile for your dog to crack! The puzzles have a lot of parts to move and figure out, giving your dog a lot of ways to get exercise. 

Dog puzzles can even help dogs with chowing down too fast. When a dog eats too fast, it can cause bloating, which is a serious medical emergency that can result in death. Puzzles allow you to control how fast your dog eats. And for picky dogs, puzzles can give your dog a fun incentive to eat their meals.

Some dogs can get very attached to their owners, and they'll get bad anxiety when their owners leave. Even though we all want to stay with our pets all the time, that's not possible. Puzzles are a great way for your dog to stay busy while your gone, which in turn will alleviate their anxiety. These puzzles with also help puppies and dogs with lots of energy.

We carry Nina Ottossons's dog puzzles. There are 3 levels of difficulty, easy, intermediate, and advanced. If your dog is too smart for one puzzle you can move to a higher difficulty!


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