Best All-Natural Shampoos, Conditioners, and Cleaners to De-Stink Your Dog

Best All-Natural Shampoos, Conditioners, and Cleaners to De-Stink Your Dog

Ah, fall. The crisp mornings. The early evenings. Warm cozy drinks while watching the leaves change colors. And somehow, your dog develops a superpower of finding, rolling in, and tracking weird and bad-smelling things all over your life. 

How do they do it? It seems like within the space of a short walk, they manage to waddle through the grossest construction mud or turn over some fallen leaves and unearth part of an old sandwich and/or roadkill which then promptly ends up all over the place. 

While we wish we could let you in on some secret magic spell that would convince Fido to shelve these habits, we haven't found one yet. We do, however, have a wide selection of all-natural cleaning products (for your house and your dog!) for dealing with the aftermath.

Skout's Honor is an environmentally and socially conscious company that provides a day's worth of food to a shelter animal with every product they sell. They make a truly powerful dog shampoo/conditioner combo with added probiotics (which help maintain and protect your pet's skin microbial community for less irritation and a healthier coat) that comes in three scents- all subtle and much nicer than whatever your pooch rolled in! If, even after a bath, some stink remains, Skout's Honor also created a spray-able probiotic deodorizer with avocado oil. It, too, comes in several scents, and can be sprayed right onto your dog! 

If Fluffy decided that your apartment could use a little stinky redecoration, Skout's Honor also has some excellent stain removers and stain & odor removers that work fast "to remove stains & odors including urine, feces, blood, mud, grease, & even wine." For those dried-in stains and stinks (perhaps from autumns past), there is a solution to use with a carpet machine that will break down odors at the molecular level and a laundry booster you can add to your regular detergent to help remove residual urine, feces, blood, mud, sweat, and vomit. All these products are safe for your pets, family, and home, and are super simple to use. A win all around!

Good luck and happy fall!

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