Top 5 Dog Photography Tips

Top 5 Dog Photography Tips

Struggling to find your dog’s photogenic angle, or can’t seem to get the most out of your dog’s photographs?  Here are our top 5 tips to try and get started!

  1. Take photos from their level, not from standing above them!  Kneel down to your dog’s level when you take pictures of him!  Human perspective pictures don’t fully capture your dog’s personality, so try this out when taking photos!
  2. Choose the right location.  Like with any type of photography, lighting and scene is important when capturing photos of your beloved dog.  We recommend finding places like fields or a hiking trail to capture your dog in their natural surroundings.  Your dog will love it, too!
  3. Teach them to look at you on cue.  Teaching your dog to look at you when asked is useful in general life, and it's especially helpful when taking photos!  Bring tasty treats that get your dog’s attention, like Stella & Chewy’s lamb liver treats!
  4. Dress them up with bandanas!  Dogs and bandanas go together like coffee and mornings.  Spice your dog’s wardrobe up with our Worthy Dog Bandanas to really make your photos shine!
  5. Take pictures of them doing what they love to do.  When we look back on photographs, we want to be reminded of the things that make our dog’s happy.  If your dog likes playing fetch, take pictures of them waiting for the ball or going after it.  If your dog loves swimming, take pictures of them swimming!

Good luck taking pictures of your dog!  Be sure to tag us on instagram at @petwellsupply so we can see their cute faces.

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