Best Natural Dental Care for Dogs

Best Natural Dental Care for Dogs

Dogs might not have to brush their teeth twice a day to keep their mouths healthy like humans, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore their dental health all together! As a loving pet parent, you’re doing everything you can to keep your pooch happy and healthy from feeding them the most nutritious food, staying on top of any illness or condition they might develop, make sure they’re getting exercise, and keep their skin and coats in tip top shape. Are you paying enough attention to their oral care, too?

Healthy dog mouths, like human mouths, come with daily attention to plaque and tartar (hard, scaly or sticky buildup at the base or on the face of the tooth), gum well-being, and also the tongue. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the way your dog’s mouth normally looks. Your dog’s teeth should be free of any kind of buildup or significant staining, and all of the teeth should be intact. Gums and tongues in most cases should be a salmon color, with the exception of normal pink and/or black colorations found in some breeds. Always be on the lookout for sores, bumps or cuts. If you have any concerns, always contact your vet for a checkup.

At Petwell Supply, we have all the tools to keep your pooch’s pearly whites clean and support overall oral health. Many vets recommend starting off with Dental Chews for daily dental hygiene support as they are easy to administer, and a generally pleasant experience for all dogs. Our treat baker uses a special vegetarian dental chew recipe with all natural ingredients that dogs love. These treats are specifically formulated to help remove plaque and tartar buildup and freshen breath.

In addition to dental chews, brushing your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush specifically designed for the nooks and crannies of canine mouths along with a dog tooth paste or gel is a great way to ensure your dog’s mouth is really getting the care it needs. We also recommend adding a healthy sprinkle of Wondercide Neem Bark Powder to the dental gel or even your dog’s food. Neem bark is an ancient ayurvedic medicine from India and is used across the globe by both humans and their furry companions for healthy digestion and immune support on top of the amazing tooth whitening and gum health benefits. 


If brushing your dog's teeth is new to both you and your pup, it’s important to take baby steps. Begin with associating touching their muzzle with treats to make sure they know this kind of touch safe. Slowly work your hands around and inside the lips, eventually running your fingers over each tooth. At this point you can start to introduce the toothbrush, toothpaste, and neem bark powder. Some dogs take to it quickly and others might take a couple sessions over a few days or weeks to warm up to teeth cleaning, and that’s okay. Keep working at it and your dog will be much happier with their clean and fresh mouth!

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