Why Training Treats are Perfect for Your Pet Training Sessions

Why Training Treats are Perfect for Your Pet Training Sessions

Dogs are wonderful companions because not only are they super stinking cute, they can learn so many awesome things! Whether it be a party trick or learning how to be a working dog, teaching your dog how to do tricks can be hard at first. But, if you’ve got the right training tools under your belt, your pup can do anything!

A tasty training treat, like a bag of Zuke's or Cloud Star training treats, can be the secret to teaching your pet tricks. Training treats, unlike more commonly sold treats, are smaller and much lower in calories. This allows you to not worry about your dog getting full or giving them too many calories in a day while doing repetitive tasks. Treats are an important part of training, as they can have multiple benefits and uses when trying to teach your dog something. They can act as a lure, motivator, and reward all in the same session.

Training treats, although recommended, are not necessary to a good training session. Any food, like cheese or dehydrated meat, can be used in a training session. Dogs will be more motivated to eat something smellier or tastier than what they get to eat normally. However, it is important to note that it’s vet recommended to give only 10% of your dog's daily calorie limit in treats. Which is why specifically made training treats are a good idea as their limited calorie count means training sessions can last longer. 

Using a treat that creates higher motivation may also distract your dog from focusing on the training at hand. Using a training treat that isn’t super high value (like cheese or meat) will help your dog concentrate better as they won’t be fixated on a super yummy snack

Get some tasty training treats for your pup today and they'll be learning awesome tricks in no time! Check out our training treats online or in store.

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