Treating Lyme Disease in Dogs

Treating Lyme Disease in Dogs

Lyme Disease is one of the most common tick-transmitted diseases in dogs. It can cause a variety of symptoms, but the most common is lameness from inflammation of the joints and bones. General feeling of lethargy and a lack of appetite are also common. However, it only causes symptoms in about 10% of dogs. If your dog tests positive for Lyme Disease, it's still possible they might not be showing any symptoms.

We always recommend you follow your vet’s recommendations for what to do if your pet is diagnosed with Lyme Disease, especially since in some cases it can lead to serious heart and kidney complications. Vaccines and antibiotics for Lyme do exist, but there are many ways to manage symptoms if they are present and persistent. 

At Petwell Supply we offer several options specifically for Lyme Disease. We have joint supplements like Herbsmith's Sooth Joints edible powder that can be added to your pet's meals and Wondercide's Fidoplex hip and joint support pills that can be chewed, swallowed whole, or broken down into powder. There are also remedies specifically to amp up your pet's immune system, like Earth Animal's Immune Support liquid and Herbsmith's Support Immunity powder. 

Flower essences can also be used for treatment and to help deal with energy-related problems. These essences are specially prepared extracts of flowering parts of certain plants that work through energy fields to heal stress and disease from the inside- there's even a flower essence specifically for Lyme Disease

Prevention is key, especially during the summer months when ticks are more common.

  • If you live in an area with ticks or have let your dog walk in a tick-infested area, do a once-over of your pets coat daily. If there is a tick remove it by hand or tweezers. make sure to not crush the tick as you remove it because it increases risk of infection.
  • Make sure your dog’s home environment is clean.  We recommend using a spray, such as Wondercide’s to kill the life cycle of ticks that may be in your dog’s bed or crate.  It can also be sprayed on your dog to kill any existing ticks and prevent against future ones.
  • Make sure to stay vigilant in your tick checks, as the risk of your pet picking up ticks only decreases after the first heavy frost.

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