How to Vacation with Your Dog

How to Vacation with Your Dog

Thinking about going on vacation with your favorite furry friend? Check out our vacation checklist for the best products to take with you from Petwell Supply.

For Water: Whether you're traveling by car, train, or plane, your dog will surely need a drink while you're on the move, and likely while you're out enjoying your vacation together. Grab a Messy Mutts Travel Water Bottle with the flexible spout for water on the go. It's super helpful if you don't have time to stop and set up a water bowl for your dog or if your dog needs a quick sip while on-the -go. 

For Food: Need to chow on-the-go? We carry a few collapsible bowls that are great for easy storage. We have a couple of different bowl options: Messy Mutts Silicone Collapsible Bowl, the Ruffwear Tail Runner Ultralight Bowl, or the Ruffwear Quencher Cinch Top Waterproof Collapsible Dog Bowl.

For Safety: While travel is fun, it's always important to keep your pet's safety in mind. Check out the Kurgo Seatbelt Tether. It attaches to your pups harness and to your car's seatbelt so you don't have to worry about your dog being unsafe in the car.

For Apparel: Who doesn't want to put their best paw forward when traveling to a new place? Check out our Ruffwear Crag Dog leashes that come with an ultra reflective strip. We also carry the Ruffwear Beacon Waterproof Light for when you're going out on night hikes or taking a nice midnight walk. Want a ball you can always keep track of? Check out the NiteHowl GlowStreak LED Ball which lights up when thrown or caught so it's the perfect ball for playing fetch from noon to night!

For Boredom: Need something to occupy your dog during a long car ride? Try out the Earth Animal No-Hide chews or the Summit Dog Yak Milk Chew which comes in multiple different sizes. No-hides are meant to simulate raw hide, but are actually made out of brown rice, so you can let your dog go to town without worrying about a tummy ache. The yak milk chews won't get soft over time, so they're perfect for your dog to come back to over and over again. 

For Sanitary Issues: Because when "you gotta go you gotta go": We have several poop bag options, the biggest is a pack of 21, so you'll never have to worry! Try out the Earth Rated compostable wipes, great for camping or entering a new space you don't want mud tracked around. Just give your dog's paws a quick wipe and your dog will be clean in no time!

For all around fun: Who said travel can't be all fun and games? Try out our wide range of Ruffwear toys! They all come in super bright colors which makes them very easy to spot. Some you can even put treats in which would be a perfect enrichment tool to use while on the go. You could also try out a Chuckit Ball Launcher to play fetch in all of the new places you and your dog will visit!

Check out our other blogs to learn about other great products to bring with you, whether your going on a long hike or having some watery fun, we've got the perfect thing for you!

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